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virtual meditation classes


Meditation is also online now!

Meditation is essential for all of us
you can throw away all the negative thoughts such as anxiety, fear, aliemation, procrastination and avoidance.
This method of meditation is called Subtracction meditation, which is being offered online and practiced by many.
"Online meditation has the same effect as in-person meditation. Rather, more people
prefer it because it can be easily done anytime, anywhere. Anyone can easily meditate
by clicking on the zoom link."

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Benefits of virtual meditation

  • You can meditate at any time you want.

  • You can meditate anywhere.

  • You can meditate comfortably in comfortable clothes.

  • Anyone can easily start meditating right away by clicking on the zoom link.

  • Save time from commuting to the center.

Virtual Meditation Classes
You can join the session freely whenever and wherever you want.

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Guidance from professional instructors

Guided by a professional meditation instructor
learn systematic basic principles
You can follow it well.

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Online or In-person Available

not only online
In-person meditation also available
You can experience it.

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Live Guided Meditation

when you want, as long as you want
You can hear the lecture lively.

Class Schedule

All class times are listed in PDT
Closed on Sun
Every week, holidays hours might differ
Morning class

9AM - 10AM
10AM - 11AM
11AM - 12PM
Afternoon Class

3PM - 4PM
4PM - 5PM
5PM - 6PM
6PM - 7PM
8PM - 9PM

Premium Membership

You can access as many group classes as you want every day according to the schedule.
It also includes personalized 1-1 meditation classes once a week to receive the best meditation progress.
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One Month Try Out

Start your meditation journey by committing to one month of unlimited one on one guided meditation daily with our meditation masters.




Three Month Journey

Skill your meditation skills by committing to three months of unlimited guided meditation daily to obtain happiness from within yourself.




One Year Journey

Mature your meditation journey by committing for one full year to master innerself and all the additional features in our meditation service

Private Class Pass

This pass includes a personalized 1-1 meditation class to receive personalized recommendations and insights to help improve focus and to begin your meditation practice.


Class Info

9am - 9pm (Mon - Sat) @ Live Zoom

We contact you within 24 hours to provide the Zoom ID.

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Private class


1 Private Session Pass

1 hr of one on one personalized and private meditation session with lectures and guided meditation.

How do you start your first session after signup?

We will contact you to schedule your first session
(A Zoom link will be provided for online classes)

How to join live guided meditation classes virtually.

Online meditation is guided non-face-to-face via Zoom.
Please check the information below and install the Zoom application before starting.

  1.  Install the ZOOM app
    If you are using the Zoom app for the first time, please install the application.

  2. Click the Zoom link
    You can enter by clicking on the Zoom link that was sent to you by text.

  3. Online Meditation
    After checking the audio and video connection status, meditation session starts.

Download Zoom

Upgrade yourself through meditation!

As I throw them away one by one, my mind will change sooner or later.

- You will find the true self.
- You will be completely free from the stress of daily life.
- Weakened mentality is upgraded.
- You can free yourself from me and find true freedom and happiness.
- You can feel gratitude for daily life and gratitude for the little things.
- You will feel a continuous and fundamental change in practice, not in theory.