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Our meditation method for you

What's special about our method

Our 7-step method isn't just a method that focuses on breathing and listening to calming music.

Typical meditation method have certain limitations to release all the negative thoughts

Here we focus on the root cause of stress and anxiety and help you get rid of them completely.

People say they have various issues such as relationship/family problems, social anxiety and fear in their minds. Although, they think it’s caused by various reasons or sometimes they have no idea, actually there’s one main reason.

It’s because negative thoughts and bad habits they’ve amassed during their lives.

Whether negativity is big or small, people tend to hold it inside and they keep on adding to their list of problems. At some point in their life, these accumulated issues might blow up and affect them on a daily basis.

Our meditation method will help you to discover such factors and will guide you in cleansing your mind and impure chain of thoughts. As you cleanse your mind, you will feel relaxed and at ease. You will also get enlightened and shall understand the principle of the world. Your mind will become stress free and anxiety free.

A happy mind is a mind without worries- the best version of your life and yourself. Remember that the whole process won’t happen overnight, just like muscle building at a gym or growing plants, hundreds of thousands of our members have gotten benefits from our practice already.

There is a systematic 7-step method that is surely going to motivate you in achieving your goal.

  1. Cleansing Karma (7 step program):

     Level 1- Cleansing remembered thoughts 

     Level 2- Cleansing image of relationships and myself

     Level 3- Cleansing body

     Level 4- Cleansing body and the universe

     Level 5- Cleansing body and the universe

     Level 6- Cleansing me who has all minds

     Level 7- Cleansing me who has mind world   

                   Cleansing me who has negativity 

                   Cleansing me who has all thoughts

    2. Cleansing Habits and Body (after 7 step)

The seven levels

Each level entails 3 components:


Recall the remembered thoughts and images in your mind.


Reflect on thoughts and images in order to increase self-awareness. Become aware of your habits and attachments, becoming conscious of who you are from a greater perspective: the Universe. 


Throw away the picture with a guided visualization.Train your brain to know that the illusion is not real and to throw it away from a perspective greater than you: the universe.

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