Cristina Hwang

"When I was seven years old, my father passed away. I started to have, within me, a series of questions that had remained unanswered for over twenty years: Why are we born? Why do we live? Why do we die? Does God exist? Where is the Truth?"

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Gloria Ramirez

"It’s been a pleasure from the beginning to experience this meditation. The reason I came to the center was because I was having trouble sleeping, anxiety attacks, and depression."

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Armando Corona

"Looking back at my life, it is now easy to understand that the reason for my problems was myself – the way I was thinking and living. I also realized that every single event in my life served to guide me to this point where I can find the purpose of my life."

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Jiansu Zhang

"This Meditation transcends the boundaries of all religions. Anyone from any religious group can become a part of this practice without giving up their own faith. On the contrary, the practice of this meditation when incorporated in a person’s own faith, can make them a stronger adherent to their belief system."

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