Why We Need to Meditate?

Since time immemorial, mankind has struggled to search for the meaning and purpose of life. What is life? Think of life as a River. This River holds the essence of life which is constantly flowing from one state to another. You are a singular pebble in this cosmic flow of water that appears to you as your objective reality.

Life is an experience that moves through your body and soul, you cannot hold it just like you cannot hold water but you feel it as it happens to you.

As you understand how to let go and become part of this flow, the closer you will be to understanding the order of nature and yourself. The French philosopher Michel de Montaigne is quoted as having once said ‘The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.’

About a year ago I struggled with anxiety and depression. Being in a toxic relationship, I had given up on myself. It got to the point that I would have frequent panic attacks.

I HATED this feeling as much as I hated my own existence. The suffering was affecting not only my mental health but also my career and every person that I cared about. But my mind continuously struggled to become one with the flow of this River and to search for a meaning and a purpose to keep me going.

Meditation brought me that peace of mind. If I chose to become a rock in the way of the flow it would cut right through me but instead, I chose to flow with it. It didn’t change the frequency of the thoughts in my inner landscape rather my relationship with those thoughts.

Through the practice of meditation, I witnessed my own mind over time, as it transitioned from a wild frenzied state to a more peaceful state. I realized that the purpose of meditation is not to change our mind but to awaken the self that is aware of it and let the mind happen on its own.

It doesn’t mean I will remain a passive outsider in life, I will still forge my own pathway to success and I will achieve my goals with inner harmony.

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