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The Key to Success: Stop Thinking

A young girl wanted so badly to succeed.

She went to find the king and asked how she could succeed.

The king gave her a glass full of water and told her.

“Take this glass of water and come back after walking through the entire town once.

Then I will tell you.

But if you spill the water, then you will receive a punishment.”

The young girl walked through the entire town, sweating, and came back.

The king asked her.

“What was it like walking through the town?”

“I am not sure. I was concentrating so much on the glass of water, I was unable to see anything else.”

As soon as she said this, the king replied,

“Exactly! That is the key to success.”

There is a saying, give it your all.

Whatever you are doing, put all of your heart, mind, and strength into it.

The problem is that it is not so easy to do.

What breaks my concentration?

While reading this short segment, by any chance did you have some other thoughts?

The key to success .. the method to success ..

First, you need to stop all those racing thoughts in your head.

Stop Thinking!

In order to stop the thoughts, you have to throw away your minds.

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