“The world has never found a good definition for the word ‘freedom’”.

But the idea of freedom goes far beyond the freedom of a nation, far beyond the man-made boundaries. A man stuck in his own imaginary cage is never truly free. So ask yourself, are you truly free?

Every time you think of going on a new adventure in life is there anything in the back of your mind pulling you back. When you are driving up the highway are you thinking about how great it feels to be able to go wherever you want or is there something in the back of your mind that’s not letting you enjoy the moment at its fullest?.

Ask yourself this question. Are you truly free or are you constantly questioning why, what, when? Are you truly free or are you always comparing yourself to other people and jumping to conclusions about their personal lives. To be free is to be free in your mind. To build a fence around your house and living alone is not freedom. Being able to go anytime you want, anywhere you want isn’t freedom until your mind can’t rid itself of the “what if”. Holding back when you should let out is not freedom. Saying “no” when you should be saying “yes” isn’t freedom. The shackles might not be in your feet but the shackles in your mind are what take your freedom away. To truly set yourself free from all that shackles, so as to live in an individual state of freedom, you must feel free in your mind. It's the only environment over which we have total control. Once you allow yourself to clean out your mind’s environment, you'll feel free in many new and expansive ways. This mindset comes down to habitual thought patterns. It is possible to free ourselves from entrenched patterns of behavior. But to do this, we have to be aware of ourselves and our emotions. This is where mindfulness comes into play. The first step of absolute freedom of mind is awareness and acceptance. It’s about recognizing and accepting your emotions. If you are angry, say it out loud “yes I’m angry”. And surprisingly enough, anger tends to dissipate once it‘s acknowledged.

As you practice mindfulness you free yourself of the trauma of the past, the anxiety of the present, and fear of the future. You can practice mindfulness on a daily basis in a thousand different ways and situations: listening to the splash of the water running down the tap, hearing the birds chirp early in the morning, and focusing on your body’s core strength as you perform your daily tasks. It’s about being aware of what’s going on right now in this very moment and acknowledging it. This is how you achieve the freedom of mind where there is no fear of the future, no pressure, and no urge to hold back.

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