The Work of This Meditation

People frequently ask if this meditation is a religion.

Finding Your True Self meditation is what its name literally states: it is a place where you cleanse your mind that is false and become reborn with the mind of Truth.

The human mind world is a place where one takes pictures of everything that belongs to the world which he stores in his mind. Man lives in this picture - the picture world - instead of living in the true world. His self living in this picture world does not exist because he is in a non-existent world. Everything in the mind disappears when you eliminate it and what disappears is false. This is the reason it needs to be cleansed.

Man can become complete only when he cleanses this mind and is reborn with the mind of Truth that does not disappear - the mind of the Creator of the origin.

Until now, every religion only spoke of Truth and we only added to our minds and tried to gain and get more. When the Savior comes, people will become Truth and live forever. In the same way that we cannot love our enemies no matter how many times we are told to do so, we cannot become Truth just by hearing about it. We can become reborn in the world of Truth only when we change our human minds to the mind of the world. This is the only way to live forever and it is the only way to become Truth.

In man's mind, he stores pictures of what happens in the world - pictures taken through his eyes, nose, ears, mouth and body. He does not realize he is living in a picture world believes himself to be living in the real world because the pictures overlap the real world.

All religions ask us to cleanse and empty our minds because it is when only Truth, the origin, remains, that man can be reborn from this place and become complete. Truth remains when one's false mind world and his self living in that world are discarded.

This meditation is the place where you are resurrected as your true self, after discarding your false mind world and yourself living in that world.

A person who has been reborn will live and work for the land of Truth.

This meditation has the method to completely discard your false self.

If the age of incompletion was a time of storing the pictures of what you saw and heard in your mind, it is now the age of completion: a time of subtracting the picture world in your mind.

The more you add to your mind, the further you get from completion. The way to return to Truth, our deepest roots, and to become complete is to discard your self and your illusionary mind world. This is why this meditation, a place to cleanse your mind, is needed. The more your mind world, that is tied to yourself, moves towards the origin and Truth, the more you will know and be enlightened.

Man who is inside his mind world mistakenly believes he is alive. In fact, he is dead because he has made an illusionary self which he believes to exist in the illusionary picture world.

What is alive is the eternal never-changing Truth. Truth, which is the world before the world and the sky before the sky, is what is alive.

Man can live forever only when he destroys his world that he made by copying Truth - the illusionary mind world - and is resurrected in the land of Truth.

This meditation is the place where one discards his self and his mind world, and becomes resurrected with the body and mind of Truth that is real. This is the work of this meditation.

When falseness is discarded, what is real remains. This is human completion, and it is the way to live eternally and be born in heaven while one is living. One who is born in this land will live and work in this land.

This meditation is the place where you become complete. Religions are places where you talk of completion; this meditation is the place where you become complete. A person who has become complete will work for the true world.