The Dawning of A New World Is the Dawning of A New Consciousness

The apocalypse has always been a much discussed topic, and it is said that when it happens everyone will die. It is also often said that there will be a new world. New religions have often misinterpreted what "a new world" and "apocalypse" mean; and many people have taken these phrases quite literally, with some going as far as living their lives according to these wrong literal misinterpretations.

These days, mass communication has developed to the point where we are able to watch what is happening around the world on television the same day it happens. For example, we can hear about the death of an elephant in Africa on the day it died, and wherever we look, there are stories of people dying. There have always been earthquakes and they still happen in the present. Although it is believed that the meaning of a "a dawning of a new world" is that the world will turn inside out, the true meaning is that the world - heaven and earth - will reopen. To reopen does not mean that heaven and earth will change. What it means is that whereas previously heaven, earth, and man existed separately, the heaven and earth will exist in man, and that man will become the master of heaven and earth.

The huge Universe consists of a Soul and Spirit, or Jung(body) and Shin(mind) respectively. The Universe is also called Haneol(which means the Universe, God).

When one is reborn as this Jung and Shin, he is the eternal and never-changing Energy and Light of the Universe. Therefore he lives forever, he does not ever die, the concept of you and me disappears, the concept of your country and my country disappears, no one has worries or woes, and this place, here, is paradise and heaven. For such a person, this place, here, is completeness that is the land of the origin - the land of the Soul and Spirit. He is the very Soul and Spirit of the Universe, and he lives forever, born as its Jung and Shin.

The dawning of a new world is the following:

When one completely discards his mind and body that comes from his self-centered mind that is the size of his form, and he is reborn as the infinite Jung and Shin that is Truth, all religions, ideologies and philosophies will unite.

It is the dawning of a new consciousness because our minds and bodies, or in other words, our Souls and Spirits, are reborn; and it is the dawning of a new world because instead of man existing separately from heaven and earth, they will become one and exist within man.

The dawning of a new world is the dawning of a new consciousness. It is a new world because there is no self and one becomes the Creator's consciousness itself. When he is reborn as this consciousness, it is a new world because heaven and earth exists within man.

Put in another way, when the illusionary heaven and earth that exists within one's mind is completely destroyed and eliminated, Truth that is the new heaven and earth becomes him, and he lives reborn in this land. Therefore it can be said that heaven and earth "reopens" and that it is a "new" world.