The Meaning Behind: the Maitreya Shall Come from Paradise; the Messiah Shall Come from Heaven

In the Buddhist sutra, Mahayana Mahaparinirvana, it says that man shall be completely enlightened and that he shall know the four states of nirvana – nitya (eternal), sukha (blissful), atman (the self) and subha (pure) – when Maitreya comes and that Maitreya shall come from paradise. This means that one who comes from the place of the origin and Truth in human form as the embodiment of this place, is Maitreya. In Christianity, it is said that God shall come from heaven. The heaven mentioned here is also the heaven of the origin; the heaven of Truth; the heaven of heavens, and it also refers to an existence of this place coming in human form.

The references of these two entities may sound different but indicate the same existence. Only this existence can give salvation; thus Buddhists believe that they will be saved when Maitreya comes and Christians believe that man can only be saved when God comes down from heaven. Salvation is the complete eradication of this world (called the “saha world” or the “earthly world” in Buddhism, and “the world of sin” in Christianity) and the rebirth of one’s self in paradise, the kingdom of heaven.

However, no one will know when this existence has come to the world because man only sees outward appearances. It is only possible to recognize that such an existence has come if heaven or paradise exists in one’s mind. But the human mind is one of karma and sin; the existence of Truth and the original mind does not exist within it. Therefore, only when one has completely absolved his karma and sins, will he know that Maitreya or God has come and be saved. The Savior that people are waiting for – the Savior of their fantasies – will never come.

Only those who have been absolved of their sins and karma and who has Buddha or God in their minds, will know the coming of the Savior. When this existence has come as a human-being, he will teach and guide man to be enlightened of Mahanirvana Paranirvana and the four states of nirvana by cleansing their karma. In others words, not only will he teach and guide people to be enlightened of the place of origin, the true self, and the life of heaven, he will also enable them to go to heaven.

When God comes, he will resurrect man who is living in the world of sin, into the land of Truth by cleansing him and eradicating the world of sin as well as the sinner. When the sinner is dead, he is born in the land of Truth; this is resurrection and rebirth. God, Buddha and the land of Truth exist in one’s mind only when his mind has become one with the existence of Truth. Only this land is eternal and enabling one to be born in this land is something only the master of this land, the Savior, can do.