The Age of the Natural Order of the Universe

The life of the natural order of the Universe, or universal order, is a life of great nature and a life of Truth. Universal order is when there is no forcefulness or stubbornness. It is a life that is lived according to the way things happen, which is possible when these minds do not exist. It is often thought that living life in this way is being complacent but it is actually a life of diligent action without blockages or strife. When one can live his life in this way, it means that his mind has become the mind of nature.

Nature, namely this world, provides us with oxygen, water, and all that we need, yet it has no mind of having given us these things. True love and affection is when, like nature, one lives for the people of the world without the mind that he does so. It is when one lives with the mind of nature. True love and affection is to give without expectations, just as the world, as nature, gives.

How free would people be, if they could live like this! There would be no conflicts or blockages in their minds; people would be able to trust each other and love others more than they love themselves. When people's minds become the mind of God and when all people live a life of universal order, it will be a world worth living in!

Now is the time of human completion, the age of universal order, and it is the time for the world to become one. It is a time when everyone can become the mind of God, of one mind, the righteous mind. It is the time to live a life of universal order. This is what is meant by the age of universal order.