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We invite you to join our meditation and find true happiness and freedom in your life. In our one-on-one session you will receive personalized recommendations and insight to help focus and begin your meditation practice.

It is an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the meditation process and what benefits you may receive once you start.

The class will include lecture and guided meditation.


Class Info : Mon-Sat @ Live Zoom

We contact you within 24 hours to provide the Zoom ID.



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1 Hour Meditation Session


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Start My First Online Session?

Once you book your session, you will receive an email confirmation with your Zoom meeting details.

How Is This Meditation Different From Other Types Of Meditation?

Most techniques allow people to feel temporary relief from their burdens, but as they go back to normal life, their mind also go back to its normal state. Meditation is not about suppressing the mind. We will teach you how to discard the root cause of your pain and burden through our guided meditation method. This will allow you to see countless changes in your mental and emotional state.

Can kids meditate?

Absolutely! Kids can understand and practice this method very well. Kids can start as early as 9 years old. As they follow this method, they feel a lot of benefits and find it just as rewarding as adults.

Is It Possible To Meditate By Myself At Home?

This Meditation is simple, but it’s very difficult to make progress by yourself because you need to be guided to follow the scientific and systematic method. You need to be taught at school when you want to study academics or learn techniques, and it’s the same case with meditation. Although the meditation method is simple, the benefits come out when you practice following the instructor and also you can confirm the benefits yourself.

How Many Classes Do I Need To Attend Per Week?

For best results, we recommend attending 3 to 5 classes per week.

How Long Are The Classes?

One-on-one classes are 1 hour long and group classes are 1.5 hours long.

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