Guided Meditation Program

A place to clean and empty your mind, not just to calm down temporarily

When we think of 'meditation', we often think of breathing or calming the mind.
Mind cleansing practice is a meditation that allows you to throw away the negative mind, it is a method that helps you release and empty your mind.
If the sand settles in muddy water, the water looks clear at that moment, but if you stir, it becomes dirty again, so the mind is the same.
The water and soil must be scooped out and the bucket emptied in order to be filled with fresh water.
If I let go of everything in me, I can regain my true nature, my true nature.

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Mind Cleansing Method

"From birth, people put into their mind what they see, hear, and
experience with their five senses. It is stored in the mind as
if it were a photo. Our memories and past experiences are like
these photos that are fake replica of the past and is not real but it is stored in the mind as real."
Throwing away this fake picture is the basic principle of our Mind Cleansing Practice.


Simple meditation Trial

To actually practice this meditation technique, you need a detailed guidance from a meditation instructor.
In addition, repeated training is required according to the guide.
However, with simple practice, you can understand the principles of mind and mind cleansing meditation.
Please follow these steps.

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Step 1

"Close your eyes and try to
bring up the person I met today."

Step 2

"Doesn't the person whom

I met today come up as an

image in your mind?"

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Step 3

Throw away that image in your
mind into the garbage can.


The more I throw away the pictures(thoughts) stored in my mind, the cleaner my mind become.
As your original mind is revealed, you come to realize your true self.
The more you empty your mind, the more your daily life will change. If you are free from your own mind, you can achieve human perfection.

• You will not dwell on your past and past events.

• You will be able to look at yourself objectively and you will improve yourself.

• Foggy thoughts, distractions and negative thoughts will disappear.

• You can concentrate on what you are doing right now.

• When the stress is gone, the body becomes healthy.

• Your mind broadens, so that you can see the other person's point of view.

• You will not react based on your emotion therefore no anger nor regrets.

7-step Course

"The meditation process consists of 7 steps. All stages can be divided into stages of
throwing away the mind, throwing away habits, and getting rid of the mind world.
Step by step, the more you empty your mind, the more you learn about the principles
of the world. That is enlightenment. Our mind cleansing practice is a systematic way for
anyone to empty their mind and find their true self by following the process."

Program schedule

Mon – Sat
9am to 9pm (PST),

Sunday closed


How does the program work when I join the session?
Listen to a lecture on understanding the mind. We'll help you learn how to do it step by step.
I look back at myself in the meditation room and empty my mind

Do I need to prepare something before the session?
No, just have a comfortable space.

Do I need to put on a specific outfit?
No. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with.