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How to Create the Perfect

Morning Routine for 

Success in 2021

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Here! Free class for you - Morning Meditation Class

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We created MORNING MEDITATION to help you start your day your way.

Regular morning mindfulness and meditation can help you face each day’s challenges with less anxiety, less stress, and much, much less frustration.

Morning meditation can help you achieve that peace of mind

Meditation does not focus on taking you to a mystical new dimension, rather unravels the mysteries of your spiritual dimension; the one that resides within you.


Here we will help you achieve the following goals:

  • To start each day with your inner space as new as a blank canvas, for you to paint new ideas on

  • Discover your potential and be at your best

  • Eliminate the negative energy and have a fresh start

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With a live instructor, you are guaranteed to have a more personalized experience. Everyone leads different lives and have different problems which require human understanding to solve. Apps can only give generalized guidance.

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Just like when you’re working out, having a personal trainer keep you accountable will ensure that you are consistently progressing and reaching your goals. Likewise, with meditation, consistency is the key to a successful transformation. With a live instructor, you will always have support to stay on track and will never get bored from re-watching the same sessions twice.

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Meditation is an invisible exercise and that’s why people have difficulty meditating well. So the instructor is able to show you the exact direction and how to meditate to achieve the greatest results as fast as possible. The results are not as powerful with the apps.

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At Hancock Park Meditation Center, our tireless mission is to substantially improve your mental health and overall well-being and emboldening your human experience. Since 2008, we have provided a powerful, proprietary, and peace-inducing approach to both the in-class meditation and the virtual meditation class experience that utilizes a simple, 7-Step meditation method. It is currently used in over 41 countries and 345 centers worldwide, and continues to grow due to its groundbreaking, deeply introspective journey unique to each individual, and fully transformative results.