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How A Morning Mindfulness and Meditation Routine Can Set the Tone For Your Entire Day

The alarm goes off in the morning, and it feels more like a starter’s gun.


A quick glance at your phone just to see what’s happening in the world turns into a 15-minute journey down the rabbit hole. The whole world seems to have gone crazy, but it’s like a train wreck that you just can’t tear your eyes away from.


Now you’re already behind, and you haven’t even put your feet on the floor yet. And now there’s an urgent email from the office about some task that has to happen first thing today. And now the kids start yelling from the other room because they forgot to tell you that you have to fill out some form for school that they have to have today. And something else and something else and something else.

And just like that, you’re back on the hamster wheel, running as fast as you can, putting out fires one after the other, moving from one crisis to another with barely a moment to breathe.


But what if that simple moment to breathe was all it took to slow the hamster wheel down and allow you to move through your day at peace, with purpose, and according to your plan - not the world’s?


The trick is to breathe first.


We created MORNING MEDITATION 101 to help you start your day your way.

Our online morning meditation sessions allow you to bring yourself back to yourself and start each day on your terms.


Regular morning mindfulness and meditation can help you face each day’s challenges with less anxiety, less stress, and much, much less frustration.

You’ll begin every day with

  • Calmness

  • Gratitude

  • Grace

  • Intentionality

  • Confidence

If you’ve never tried meditation before, don’t worry about it. Our experienced empathetic guides will help you find the quiet place inside yourself that you’ve been frantically searching for all along.


Are you ready to start the new day a new way?



*For first time meditator only

6AM, 7AM and 8 AM Classes(PST)

Small Group Class (10 max)

Personalized Private Class

2x/week for 2 weeks



6AM, 7AM and 8 AM Classes(PST)

Small Group Class (10 max)

Personalized Private Class

2x/week for 4 weeks 

If you’re just not quite convinced that all this hippy dippy woo woo stuff is for you, please try one of our free Saturday morning online meditations and see how just taking a moment to breathe in the morning will make your whole day better.

Morning Meditation Schedule(PST)


6:00 AM Class

7:00 AM Class

8:00 AM Class



FREE 10 am Saturday Morning Meditation

Why Choose Live Guided Meditation

Over Prerecorded Meditation Apps?

Soothing Bell


With a live instructor, you are guaranteed to have a more personalized experience. Everyone leads different lives and have different problems which require human understanding to solve. Apps can only give generalized guidance.

Soothing Bell


Just like when you’re working out, having a personal trainer keep you accountable will ensure that you are consistently progressing and reaching your goals. Likewise, with meditation, consistency is the key to a successful transformation. With a live instructor, you will always have support to stay on track and will never get bored from re-watching the same sessions twice.

Soothing Bell


Meditation is an invisible exercise and that’s why people have difficulty meditating well. So the instructor is able to show you the exact direction and how to meditate to achieve the greatest results as fast as possible. The results are not as powerful with the apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each class?

Each class takes 30 mins to 45 mins.

What is the difference between 2 weeks and 4 weeks membership

The 2-week challeage is for first time meditators only. Once the 2 weeks are over, the membership is automatically converted to a monthly membership.

Can I change appointment times from 6am, 7am, and 8am?

We frown upon chaning appointment times, however, if you must change for any reason, please notify our instrutor 12 hours in advance with an explenation regarding the last minute change.

Can I meditate in the afternoon with a morning meditation membership?

We allow two private afternoon classes per week with a purchase of a morning meditation membership. More than two classes in the afternoon per week requires a regular monthly membership.

Can I re-register for the 2-week challenge membership repeatedly?

No. our 2-week challenge is for first time meditators only.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you may cancel your membership at anytime withour a cancellation fee. There is no required commitment for the morning class.


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