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The 7-Step Meditation Method


The Seven, Sacred Steps to Self-Serenity 

The Hancock Park Meditation Center employs a powerful, purpose-driven meditation method that’s more than just listening to soul-soothing music and uttering “Om” while sitting cross-legged on a comfy cushion.  Instead, we dig deep to get to the root issues of what causes us so much perplexing pain, personal grief, stress, fear, anxiety, and a host of other emotional undesirables.  


Although everyone’s pain sources may be different, it all comes down to the repetition of negative thought patterns, unhealthy habits, and bad behaviors that contribute to much of our seemingly interminable mental anguish.  And, as a result, we become a “ticking time bomb” in our own skin, about to blow at any given moment.  


Our 7-Step meditation method will not only remarkably help you identify your mental “triggers,” but will gently guide you to cleansing your mind and removing the chaotic, mental clutter that is causing you so much unnecessary pain and anxiety.  As you progress on your spiritual journey of mental cleansing and de-cluttering through this 7-step meditative method, you will soon find yourself sentient and enlightened, able to understand the world a bit better.  


Through our live classes or online meditation session, you can live comfortably, regardless of external circumstances. And with regular, purposeful practice, you are bound to reap a bevy of life-affirming benefits overtime. 

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The Seven Levels

This world-renowned 7-Step meditation method gives a new meaning to #MeditationMondays.

1) Cleansing Karma (7 step program):

     Level 1- Cleansing remembered thoughts 

     Level 2- Cleansing image of relationships and myself

     Level 3- Cleansing body

     Level 4- Cleansing body and the universe

     Level 5- Cleansing body and the universe

     Level 6- Cleansing me who has all minds

     Level 7- Cleansing me who has mind world   

                   Cleansing me who has negativity 

                   Cleansing me who has all thoughts

2) Cleansing Habits and Body (after 7 step)

Watch This Video For A Better Understanding

Each level is carefully comprised of 3,

calm-creating components:


the remembered images in your mind.

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on thoughts and images to increase self-awareness, while recognizing unhealthy habits and attachments.

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the picture with a guided visualization and train your brain to realize the difference between illusion and reality.