Frequently Asked Questions

how long do people meditate in a session?

On average, students meditate 1 to 2 hours per session. However, students may meditate as long or as short as they wish because we provide unlimited sessions.

Students meditate as much or as little as they wish and have access to unlimited meditation time at the centers during normal operating hours. As students progress in the levels, it becomes easier to meditate for a longer period of time. However, every student chooses what is right for him or her self.​
Students are encouraged to meditate as much as possible to see results and reach completion faster. Since the main goal is for students to be happy, each member chooses the speed that brings balance and joy to his or her life.

No. The method is designed to be accessible to all people regardless of education, age, experience with meditation, etc. Even children as young as six years old usually grasp the concept right away and love it.

Yes, quite a lot. However most of the research has not yet been translation into English.
Please visit the websites below for published research into the method :

Academy Of Human Completion, South Korea:

Enlightenment is when one comes to know Truth. It is not simply knowing Truth in theory, but truly accepting it in one’s heart. Enlightenment in one’s heart is the discovery of one’s real self – the discovery of the place of one’s mind. This is the only Truth that exists in the world, and it is everlasting and never-changing.

Can i try for one session?

We offer a free introductory seminar to learn about this meditation. After the introductory seminar, you may choose the monthly meditation membership options depending on your preference to start this meditation.

Our meditation method is a full discipline of study, similar to a martial arts institution or school. At the center we offer memberships to encourage students to complete the entire course. Just like how you wouldn't go to a University institution or martial arts school and expect to pay for and attend one 90 minute class. In this sense, our centers are just like schools.
We offer a free introduction to the basics so you can see if this study is right for you.
Most students who have the "inner eyes" to hear the founder's message at the introduction sign up right away without any reservations.

Those who engage in this meditation experience increased satisfaction in interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and work. Overall, the benefits from the meditation bring people, communities, and families closer together; family members and friends even join because of the improvements they’ve witnessed.
Many meditators also share that they are now better able to instinctively distance themselves from harmful and/or abusive people.

is this meditation AFFILIATED with ANY religions?

No. There is no any affiliation with any other religions. This meditation is simply about reflecting your mind and clearing the mind.
This meditation transcends religion; those who engage in this study find within themselves that all religions are one. This meditation is not about believing in “Truth,” rather becoming Truth itself. This method is truly miraculous.

Is it group meditation?

Usually it is one on one guided sessions. However, when multiple students come at the same time, they may meditation together if they'd like.

Is this meditation for free?

This meditation center is 501(C)Non-profit organization. In order to help as many people meditating as possible and maintain running the center, we do ask for a monthly contribution for the unlimited guided meditation. Generally it varies from $120-$199 a month depending on the situation.

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