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Who we are

We are a local meditation center who has been serving central Los Angeles since 2010. We offer our community members a method to rest their minds away from their busy and hectic lives.

What we do

Many people know meditation has many benefits but may not know the proper way to meditate. Our method is not focused on the typical deep breathing or yoga. We use a ground breaking and unique method to help you reflect and renew your mind. Reserve your first session today!

The discarding method is the Solution

This method is a 7-level meditation program that follows the principles of the universe.
We start by discarding remembered thoughts that will help you reflect and expand your consciousness.

You will get to know your true self and the world through a higher perspective.
This meditation method offers an everlasting solution to overcome many blockages.  

"If the past was an age of talking about Truth, now is the AGE for everyone to become Truth."

- Founder