Our Mission

The mission of The Hancock Park Meditation Center(LA MAUM CENTER) is to significantly improve the mental health and well-being

of all members of the Central Los Angeles community

through guidance, support, and meditative practice.

Our Vision

The vision of our organization is to:

- Give people hope for a more positive future
- Help those struggling with mental health challenges
- Empower individuals to help themselves
- Help individuals improve their self-awareness to

  live purposefully and sincerely
- Encourage community members to unite together
- Transform pain to happiness
- Offer the community members a method to have peace of mind
- Inspire individuals to coexist with one another and take the first step
  toward world peace

How can we help our community?

and How can you Help us?

We can help you with

Meditation Programs

We provide our mental health program for our community. Please join in and find true peace within

You can help us with


Donations support the students by providing a comfortable and quiet place to rest their mind and body and achieve their meditation goals. 

Community Service

Join us for our next community service project. Submit your info here.

How we operate and how we use resources

Meditation is free to the first-time practitioner, but due to the general costs of running a meditation center we receive a monthly donation of those who wish to have access to all the services we offer. These resources are used for people’s services like food, drinks, meditation supplies, etc. And just like any other nonprofit organization or entity, rent, cost of utilities, payroll, and other miscellaneous fees must be adequately covered. However, our hope is that in the future, we can offer this meditation for free to everyone.


Hancock Park Meditation(LA MAUM CENTER) is a non-profit public benefit organization and not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the IRS Section Code 501(c)(3) for charitable purpose. 

Open Hours

Mon to Sat : 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday : Closed

Our Physical Studio is CLOSED until further notice due to Covid-19

Get In Touch

221 S. Manhattan Pl

Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA



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